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Valheim: How to Tame Boar

Valheim, How to Tame Boar

Valheim: How to Tame Boar

There’s more to survival in Valheim than meets the eye. In addition to adventuring across the land and gathering resources from fallen enemies, you’ll also need to to cultivate the land and domesticate some of the wildlife for a steady stream of materials and food. It’s for this reason that you’ll need to figure out how to tame a Boar in Valheim sooner rather than later, though that can be easier said than done if you’re still getting your bearings.

That’s why we’ve taken some time to study the process, and have broken it down in a detailed guide to make sure you can start doing it with minimal headaches.

How to Tame a Boar in Valheim

To start, you’ll need a few specific resources in order to tame a Boar in Valheim.

First, gather up at least 14 pieces of Wood. This can be gained by chopping down trees, and will be used to build a Workbench – which requires 10 wood – and the walls of a pen for the Boar, which require one piece of wood each.

Once you have enough wood, you’ll then need to gather some food to feed the Boar with and lure it toward the pen. Specifically, you’ll want to find some Carrots, Berries or Mushrooms, as these foods are the best for luring and domesticating a Boar with.

Berries can be found in most any biome, so keep an eye out for them while interacting with the environment. Mushrooms, meanwhile, can be found on the ground of forest areas like the Green Forest and Deep Forest.

As for Carrots, you’ll need to plant Carrot Seeds using the Cultivator; a device you can make at the Forge using five Core Wood and five Bronze. The seeds themselves can be found in the Black Forest biome.

How to Give a Boar Food

Once you’ve got all of the necessary materials, you’ll be ready to tame a Boar in Valheim.

Head toward the Meadows area and keep an eye out for the fluffy swine. Once you find one, drop some Berries, Mushrooms or Carrots within range of it by pressing the Tab button, clicking on the food and then dragging it out of the item screen. Make sure to do this while keeping your distance so the animal doesn’t get spooked.

Once the Boar takes notice of the food and starts eating, maintain your distance so that it doesn’t get spooked. When yellow hearts start appearing above its head, you can then approach it safely and view how tame it is toward you. Its tameness can be increased by dropping more food near it, and once it’s maxed out, you’ll have successfully tamed it.

Getting Boar into a Pen

Once you’ve tamed your Boar of choice in Valheim, the last step will be to guide it into a pen for safe-keeping.

Drop some more food a little ways away from the Boar in order to lead it to where you want to keep it. Repeat the process a few times until it’s in the desired area, and once the Boar’s in place, build a Workbench. Interact with the Workbench in order to build some Roundpole Fences.

Build four Roundpole Fences around your domesticated swine, and it’ll finally be safe and secure.

That’s all there is to know about how to tame a Boar in Valheim. For more on the game, check out some of our other guides on topics like how to level ground and how to cook meat.

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