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New Returnal Trailer Digs Deeper Into Gameplay & Story


New Returnal Trailer Digs Deeper Into Gameplay & Story

Earlier today, we got another look at the PS5 game Returnal during the latest State of Play stream. This new trailer showed off a handful of gameplay and some details about the story.

The main character, Celine, crash-lands on a dark planet filled with deadly enemies. She must dash, around to evade the numerous enemy attacks in this bullet hell roguelike game to discover the mysteries of this inhospitable planet.

As we saw in a past trailer, the majority of Returnal’s gameplay is focused on high-speed gunplay that requires a lot of dexterity to master. Fortunately, it seems that the main character will also have plenty of speed to dodge enemy projectiles.

This trailer also revealed a few more of the roguelike features of Returnal. When Celine dies and comes back, the layout of the world changes. On top of that, you’ll find different enemies in these areas with varied numbers compared to previous runs. What’s more, there are also stat augmentations you can pick up that will change the look of each individual run.

You can check out the new Returnal trailer below.

Courtesy YouTube user GamersPrey

And if you just can’t get enough PlayStation news, then you can check out the full State of Play stream down below.

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