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Fortnite: How to Find a Date for Fishstick (Week 11 Challenge)

find a date for fishstick in fortnite

Fortnite: How to Find a Date for Fishstick (Week 11 Challenge)

If you’ve been checking out the rumored Fortnite week 11 challenges ahead of their official release later today, then you’re probably a little bit confused. The Valentines Day-themed challenges have a few new objectives that we’ve not seen for a while. Namely, players need to catch different fish to find a date for Fishstick in Fortnite. So how do you do that? We’ll run you through the process.

Finding a Date for Fishstick in Fortnite

To find a date for Fishstick, you need to catch three different kinds of fish. For example, you might get a Flopper, Slurp Fish, and a Silver Thermal Fish.

It doesn’t matter how you catch these fish. It can be with a fishing rod or a harpoon gun. The main thing to keep in mind here is it has to be three different types of fish, not three of the same.

As long as you catch three different fish, then you’ll successfully complete the first of the Fortnite week 11 challenges.

We suggest heading to quieter areas on the map that also have fishing spots for this challenge. A lot of the more popular and obvious fishing spots will be very busy with other players trying to find a date for Fishstick in Fortnite. As such, you may want to leave it a few days, or try going to areas like Steamy Stacks or Slurpy Swamp, as these are often quieter spots.

This will then unlock the next step of the challenge which requires players to serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at a restaurant. If you’re looking for some tips for that one, be sure to stay tuned as we’ll be running you through the complete list of Fortnite week 11 challenges one at a time.

And just like that you’ve been a grade A wingman and got Fishstick a date in Fortnite. For more tips and tricks, be sure to check out our wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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