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Bowser’s Fury Pounce Bounce Isle Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

Super Mario 3D World + Bowser's Fury

Bowser’s Fury Pounce Bounce Isle Shines: How to Get All Cat Shines

Pounce Bounce Isle is a fun little island available to you very early on in Bowser’s Fury. The island makes great use of the bounce pads, with a lot of high-stakes platforming for you to conquer. There are five cat shines available in this area. In this guide, we’ll show you how to get all of the Cat Shines on Pounce Bounce Isle in Bowser’s Fury.

How to Get All Pounce Bounce Isle Shines in Bowser’s Fury

Make the Lighthouse Shine

bounce isle shines

This one is pretty straightforward and shouldn’t cause you any trouble. All you have to do is reach the lighthouse at the top of the level. Just like you do in Scamper Shores.

Follow the path through the middle until the game teaches you the ground pound ability. Use the bounce pad hidden underneath the crates to launch up to the top platform –alternatively, this and a lot of other obstacles in this section can be skipped if you have the cat suit as you it allows you to climb up a lot of these structures.

Once up there, continue following the path until you reach the area with six bounce pads moving up and down along the side of the large mountain structure, and use them to reach the top.

At the top you’ll find a platform with a bounce pad moving back and forth toward a large wall. Use the bounce pad to get on top and then its a straight walk to the lighthouse’s shine.

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