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Fortnite: How to Signal Coral Buddies (Week 6 Challenge Guide)

fortnite signal coral buddies

Fortnite: How to Signal Coral Buddies (Week 6 Challenge Guide)

The Coral Buddies became a fan-favorite ‘side character’ of sorts in Fortnite. They were part of some of the secret challenges from Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3, where players had to give them wood and stone, before finding each of their Coral Kingdom Border Monuments. Well, the good news is they’re back once again in Chapter 2 Season 5, and this week 6 challenge requires players to signal Coral Buddies in Fortnite.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 5 Week 6 challenges are due to go live on Jan. 7, so you cannot complete the challenge to signal the Coral Buddies just yet.

How to Signal Coral Buddies in Fortnite

To do this, you need to head to Coral Castle in the very northwest corner of the map. It’s a named location, so you shouldn’t have too many problems tracking it down.

Once you’re here, to find the Coral Buddies themselves, you’ll want to head over to the west side. Here, the Coral Buddies can be found on various rocks, but that’s not really important when it comes to signaling them as you can’t interact with the cute creatures.

Instead, you need to head look out for blue glowing shells around Coral Castle. They look like the one we’ve nabbed a screenshot of below.

There’s one shell in the bottom left corner of Coral Castle under the purple coral plant, another on the south middle island within Coral Castle near a rock, and the third is at the top left little island next to the large rock. They’re all on land, so you won’t need to go diving through the water to find them. We’ve marked their locations on the map below:

fortnite all signal coral buddies locations

Previously, it was believed players would signal the Coral Buddies by tooting the conches in the northernmost building, but Epic appears to have thrown us all off the scent instead.

how to signal coral buddies in fortnite

There you have everything you need to know on how to signal the Coral Buddies in Fortnite for the week 6 challenge. Head on over to our guide wiki for more tips and tricks, or check out more of our coverage below.

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