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Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get Coins of Charon & What They’re Used For

Immortals Fenyx Rising, coins of charon

Immortals Fenyx Rising: How to Get Coins of Charon & What They’re Used For

Immortals Fenyx Rising features many amazing abilities and skills that your character can use to increase their prowess in combat. If you find yourself struggling on a specific fight then it may be time to upgrade your abilities to create some new and devastating combos. In order to do that though you will need to collect Coins of Charon. In this guide, we’ll cover how to get Coins of Charon and what they are used for.

How to get Coins of Charon in Immortals Fenyx Rising

To get Coins of Charon you are going to want to start completing Myth Challenges. These can be found while exploring the world and take a variety of different forms.

Usually a Myth Challenge will involve a puzzle such as, rearranging a mismatched picture or solving a constellation puzzle. You can also encounter races that you can run to earn these coins as well.

There are many different kinds of Myth Challenges in Immortals Fenyx Rising that are best found by exploring each area you enter. Completing as many of these as possible as you travel will be the best way for you to earn a healthy supply of Coins of Charon.

A secondary way to earn a few coins as you fight is through Heroic Tasks. These tasks can be found in the Hall of the Gods on Hermes’s Heroic Task Board.

While not all of the Heroic Tasks will reward you with coins, several of the challenges should give you a couple as you complete them.

What Coins of Charon are Used For

In Immortals Fenyx Rising Coins of Charon are used for learning new skills and Godly Powers in the Hall of the Gods. In order to use them you will want to use the River Styx Cistern that is in the hall. This will open the upgrade page for your abilities.

Learning new skills will cost you two to five Coins of Charon per upgrade. You can learn skills like sprint attacks, air dodges, and power finishers. Learning these will greatly improve your ability to both attack and defend in battle.

Other important skills include Telekinesis Gathering which gathers all materials in a small area, and Glide Boost which will let you glide faster while consuming less stamina.

Learning new Godly Powers, and their upgrades, can cost you up to 10 Coins of Charon per upgrade. However, despite the high cost, Godly Powers are extremely useful and necessary. These powers will drain your stamina but deal a solid amount of both damage and stun.

That’s everything you need to know about Coins of Charon in Immortals Fenyx Rising. Check out our guide wiki for more tips and tricks, or read more of our coverage on the game below.

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