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A Demon’s Souls Trivia Quiz Only a True Expert Could Slay

demon's souls

A Demon’s Souls Trivia Quiz Only a True Expert Could Slay

Bluepoint Games and Sony have just released the brand new Demon’s Souls remake as a launch title for the PS5. With that in mind, now’s the perfect time to revisit the PS3 cult classic and dive deep into the nitty-gritty details and little tidbits that made this game so iconic and beloved.

We’ve put together a quiz that will test your knowledge of Demon’s Souls. It’s not enough to just have just beaten the game once; you’ll need to be familiar with its various mechanics and gameplay systems, and you’ll need to have sufficient knowledge of both the remake and the original PS3 release as well, along with a passing knowledge of From Software’s other Souls games.

If you truly think that you know everything there is to know about Demon’s Souls, check out the quiz and see how you fare.

Think You Know Everything About Demon's Souls? Take the Trivia Quiz to Find Out

Which of these characters is not a part of Mephistopheles' assassination quest?
In the original Demon's Souls, the Cat Ring icon was an image of a literal cat face. That cat face is no longer present in the remake. True or false?
The Large Sword of Moonlight is the only weapon in the game that can pass through shields. True or false?
Which of these keys do you need to free Rydell in the Tower of Latria?
In order to obtain the Magic Sword 'Makoto', which of these do you require: pure white or pure black world tendency?
Which of these will not shift your world tendency towards pure white?
Which of these rings is essentially the equivalent of the Red Tearstone Ring from Dark Souls?
Which of these rings is not obtainable in Demon's Souls?
What is Patches' title in this game?
Which of these items do you need to unlock advanced weapon forging?

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