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5 Cool Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know Your PS5 Can Do


5 Cool Things You (Probably) Didn’t Know Your PS5 Can Do

Watch Your Friends Play as You Play

cool things ps5 can do

While parties have been updated with some general Quality of Life improvements, one impressive new feature that comes with the PS5 is the ability to share your screen with friends or members of the same party that you’re in.

This was something the PS4 was doing, but the PS5 takes it one step further. Now, you’re able to have your friend share their screen with you, and then have that pinned in a smaller screen-in-screen view while you continue to play Miles Morales, Bugsnax, or whatever’s got your attention currently.

Though not a feature I imagine many will use on a daily basis, I do see it being convenient for those times when a friend needs help solving a puzzle or beating a boss you’ve already conquered.

Rather than having to pull yourself away from the action, you can continue playing while giving them some pointers for that boss battle, or directing them to that pesky collectible or hidden switch to complete the puzzle.

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