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Destiny 2: Cryptolith Lure Guide; Lure Charges Explained

cryptolith lure guide

Destiny 2: Cryptolith Lure Guide; Lure Charges Explained

Destiny 2’s Season of the Hunt has arrived and players are able to jump and start completing Wrathborn Hunts and earning powerful rewards and equipment. The Cryptolith Lure is a new seasonal item similar to the previous ones such as the chalice, that can be customized to help you fine tune the loot you receive. In this guide we’ll explain what the Cryptolith Lure is, how to charge it, and get the most out of it during Season of the Hunt in Destiny 2.

Cryptolith Lure Explained – Destiny 2: Season of the Hunt

The Cryptolith Lure is a new seasonal item that you’ll receive from Crow shorly after starting the new Wrathborn Hunt content. If you’re here you’ve likely gotten that far since otherwise, how would even know what this is, but if you do need help getting caught up on Wrathborn Hunts, you can do so right here.

The way the Cryptolith Lure works is that before you can do anything with it, you need to charge it.

How to Get More Cryptolith Lure Charges

Charging the Cryptolith Lure is simple enough but it may seem confusing at first. When you examine it from your Quests menu, you’ll notice there’s a bar that is filling up, and a Store Lure counter.

In order to charge the lure, you need to complete Strikes, Gambit, or Crucible matches; whatever you prefer is fine. Every time you fill that bar up you’ll gain a lure charge, with a max of three being allowed to be stored at any time before you have to start using them or losing them.

Once you have at least one stored charge, you can go ahead and start preparing your lure.

Pre-Hunt Preparation

cryptolith lure guide

To actually get your lure to work for you after you’ve charged it up, you got to start slotting mods also known in-game as Mutations.

There are three slots that you can fill. The first one is simply marking the target you want to go for. This will determine what kind of drop you will get. For example, it could be a specific weapon, a type of armor piece, or even more mutations.

Then, you can select up to two more mutations/mods. You can opt for a Dormant mod, which essentially just is a blank slot if you want to leave it blank but fill in other spots, or you can pick from any that you have available.

You can do things such as increase the Discipline stat of your upcoming drop, veto perks you don’t want.

These mutations/mods are limited and will be consumed on use. In addition, some mods have a limited amount of uses per week and after that you’re capped. So carefully choose what mods you want to use. You can purchase more from Crow on the Tangled Shore for Glimmer.

Once you have your Lure kitted out the way that you want you can go on your hunt and claim your reward if you’re successful.

Upgrading the Cryptolith Lure

There are ten reputation ranks with the Cryptolith Lure that you can get throughout Season of the Hunt. You can upgrade your lure at Crow by using Recon Data obtained by completing Hunts.

These upgrades will do things such as unlocking more Wrathborn Hunts, increase the number of powerful rewards you can get, and more.

Turning in Recon Data to Crow also raises your rank and rewards you with seasonal gear.

And that’s more or less the loop of this seasonal activity. Go do core events to get charges. Kit up your lure to get items that you want, get Recon Data and turn them to Crow for more upgrades, buy new mods, and rinse and repeat.

For more on Year 4 of Destiny 2 and Season of the Hunt, check out our Beyond Light wiki guide which has additional tips and tricks. As always, if something is still confusing you in this guide, let us know down in the comments below and we’ll try and help you out.

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