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Demon’s Souls: How to Leave Messages


Demon’s Souls: How to Leave Messages

Remade from the ground up by Bluepoint Games, Demon’s Souls has finally been relaunched on the PS5 as a launch title and it’s pretty much just as brutal and enjoyable as you remember it from the PS3 days. The game does feature quite a few quality-of-life improvements and changes to enhance the experience, but the core gameplay remains largely the same. Here’s how to leave messages for other players in Demon’s Souls.

Leaving Messages for Other Players in Demon’s Souls

One of the most unique aspects of online multiplayer in the Soulsborne games is the ability to leave fairly cryptic messages for other players when you’re exploring the world. That function is also present in Demon’s Souls, and when you’re playing online, you’ll be able to see messages that other players have left on the ground. Most of the time, these will lead you to useful items or even area shortcuts that you might miss if you were playing offline.

If you do happen to find something useful hidden in the world, you can also leave messages of your own to help other players as well.

Unlike in Dark Souls, you don’t need a special item to leave messages. You can do so right after completing the starting level and getting to the Gates of Boletaria. To do this, press the touchpad and use the d-pad to scroll right.

demon's souls, leave messages

From here, choose the Messages option, and you’ll be able to form a message by choosing a template and some word options. Once you’ve made your pick, confirm your selection and your message will be left on the ground from where you’re standing.

Whenever you see a message from other players, you can read it by pressing X, and also press left or right on the touchpad to upvote or downvote it. If your own message gets upvoted and you happen to be playing at the time, you’ll get healed up.

That’s all you need to know about how to leave messages in Demon’s Souls. Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more tips and information on the game.

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