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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Get Money (Eto) Fast

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Watch Dogs Legion: How to Get Money (Eto) Fast

Developed and published by Ubisoft, Watch Dogs Legion is the third entry in the Watch Dogs series, and this one takes place in the city of London where DedSec has been labeled as a terrorist group. But aside from trying to rebuild DedSec’s reputation from the ground up, you can also take some time out to make some money on the side. Here’s how to get money fast in Watch Dogs Legion, or Eto, as it’s referred to in-game.

Getting Money (Eto) Fast in Watch Dogs Legion

Eto is the main form of currency you’ll get in Watch Dogs Legion, and the good news is that it’s actually not an overly important resource in the game at all. In fact, pretty much the only thing you’ll be spending money on are clothing items to change up your characters’ appearances.

If you’re invested in customizing unique looks for each of your operatives, you’ll definitely want to save up your money as clothing can get really expensive if you’re planning to buy a ton of them and visit all of the clothing stores.

Listed below are all of the ways you can get money quickly in the game:

  • By completing main missions and side quests.
  • By hacking safes.
  • By hacking ATMs.

Complete Main Missions

Main missions and side quests seem to be the most lucrative way of earning Eto in Watch Dogs Legion. Quest completion can usually get you at least 1,000 Eto, which is a pretty large sum.

ATMs – How to Get Money Fast in Watch Dogs Legion

Outside of that, safes and ATMs are also a good source of income. ATM machines can be found along most of the streets in the game, and all you have to do is hit the LB or L1 button to hack it, and you’ll instantly be credited with about 100 Eto or so.

Hack Safes – How to Get Eto Fast

Safes, on the other hand, can give you about 1,000 Eto as well. However, they’re usually located in restricted areas where you’ll be attacked on sight. Similar to the ATM machines, all you have to do is hit LB or L1 to hack the safe, though the hacking process will take up a few seconds.

Finally, you can also get Eto by stealth killing enemies for about 20 to 30 each. It’s not a lot of money, but it certainly adds up over time.

That’s all you need to know about how to get money, or Eto, fast in Watch Dogs Legion. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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