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Warzone Zombie Royale Mode Explained

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Warzone Zombie Royale Mode Explained

Modern Warfare’s big Halloween event has finally arrived, bringing some new modes to multiplayer and Warzone. The main new feature in the battle royale mode is called Zombie Royale, which adds zombies to Verdansk in a cool way. So that you know what to expect from the mode and how to play it, here’s a run down of all the Warzone Zombie Royale Mode information you need.

Warzone Zombie Royale Mode Explained

The mode starts off as a normal game of Warzone’s battle royale, on the new nighttime map, but it quickly changes.

When you’re killed, you don’t go to the Gulag for a last chance fight, instead being immediately spawned as a zombie. You won’t be able to use or pick up weapons, but you’ll be far from useless. Zombies have increased speed, improved jumps, deadlier melee attacks, and thermal vision in Zombie Royale.

However, becoming a zombie doesn’t mean you’re out of chances to actually win the Warzone game. When a player dies, they drop a Syringe, and a zombie can come back from the dead and re-enter the action as an Operator if they collect two of them. You’ll parachute back in with your squad mates, loadout in hand.

As long as at least one of your squad is still a human character in a game of Zombie Royale, you’re still in a with a chance of winning.

How to Play the Mode

To actually jump into a round of Zombie Royale, you’ll need to head to the main lobby menu of Warzone. Then, underneath where you’d usually jump into battle royale, you’ll see a tile that says Zombie Royale.

Simply select that tile, depending on how many players you want to have in a squad, and you’ll load into a match. Do note though, that Zombie Royale won’t be in Modern Warfare and Warzone forever, so it will disappear from the lobby menu once The Haunting of Verdansk event is over.

That’s everything you need to know about Warzone Zombie Royale Mode. For more tips and tricks on the base game and battle royale mode, check out our Modern Warfare and Warzone wiki guides.

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