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How Long Star Wars Squadrons Takes to Beat & Mission List

star wars squadrons how long all missions

How Long Star Wars Squadrons Takes to Beat & Mission List

While the multiplayer dogfights are what’s going to keep you playing Star Wars Squadrons for months on end, there is a single-player campaign packed into the game, too. This will talk you through all the basics you need to become a master pilot and be able to hold your own online. As such, you may be wondering how long Star Wars Squadrons takes to beat. Well, down below you’ll find out how long, as well as a complete Star Wars Squadrons missions list, so you know how far through the campaign you are at all times.

How Long Star Wars Squadrons’ Campaign Takes to Beat

The campaign in Star Wars Squadrons will take you about eight hours to complete. This was how long it took for us to beat the game on the ‘Pilot’ (normal) difficulty setting.

Your completion time will vary depending on what difficulty you’re playing on, as well as your familiarity with aerial shooters and skill level when you’re in the cockpit. We’re fairly familiar and competent in the cockpit, but still had to retry a handful of missions due to a few mishaps.

If this sounds like a pretty short campaign, it is. There’s a total of 16 missions you’ll need to complete, which will slowly but surely teach you all the basics you need to conquer the dogfights in the game’s multiplayer.

All Star Wars Squadrons Missions

There’s a total of 16 missions in Star Wars Squadrons that will see you flying for both the Empire and the New Republic, if you include the two prologue missions. We’ve listed each mission in order, alongside which faction you’ll be flying for in them below.

  1. Prologue 1: Lord Vader’s Command (Empire)
  2. Prologue 2: A Call to Rebellion (New Republic)
  3. Mission 1: Form the Vanguard (New Republic)
  4. Mission 2: The Skies of Yavin (New Republic)
  5. Mission 3: Through Enemy Lines(New Republic)
  6. Mission 4: Secrets and Spies (Empire)
  7. Mission 5: The Trail from Desevro (Empire)
  8. Mission 6: Signal to Noise (New Republic)
  9. Mission 7: Into the Abyss (New Republic)
  10. Mission 8: Fractured Alliance (Empire)
  11. Mission 9: Chaos at Mon Cala (Empire)
  12. Mission 10: Terisa’s Vengeance (Empire)
  13. Mission 11: Nowhere to Stand (Empire)
  14. Mission 12: Rally the New Republic (New Republic)
  15. Mission 13: Fire in the Heart (Empire)
  16. Mission 14: Last Flight of the Starhawk (New Republic)

There you have how long Star Wars Squadrons takes to beat, as well as all missions in the single-player campaign. Looking for more tips, tricks, and guides? Head on over to our Star Wars Squadrons guide wiki, search for Twinfinite, or check out more of our coverage below.

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