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Spiritfarer Tchotchke: How to Get, What They Do, Sell Values

spiritfarer tchotchke

Spiritfarer Tchotchke: How to Get, What They Do, Sell Values

As you’ve been busy fishing and gathering various materials to upgrade your boat in Spiritfarer, you might have noticed some items being filtered into the Tchotchke section of your inventory. In this Spiritfarer Tchotchke guide, we’ll talk you through how to get them, what to do with tchotchke, and all of their sell values in case you want to make some easy Glims.

What Are Tchotchke Items?

Anything that falls under the Tchotchke category in Spiritfarer is an insignificant item that you won’t need. These items have no purpose and can be sold for some easy Glims.

There are two exceptions to this though and these are the Proof of Purchase: Cow and the Old Shoe.

The Proof of Purchase: Cow will be required to create the Cow Stall, while the Old Shoe can be used to create Household Glue. We’d advise definitely not selling the former, but Old Shoe’s are so common that it doesn’t matter if you accidentally sell one every once in a while.

How to Get Tchotchke Items in Spiritfarer

You’ll get these ‘junk’ items either from fishing off the back of your ship, by planting Odd Seeds, or collecting them from Crates floating in the sea, and chests tucked away on islands.

If you have Gustav, Giovanni or Stanley on your boat, they may also give you these Tchotchke items if their mood is high enough, so make sure to keep them well-fed, hug them, and talk to them.

Once you’ve got Tchotchke items, the only place you’re able to sell them is at Francis’ floating ship. You can find a complete list of every Tchotchke item with their value in Glims in the table below.

Spiritfarer Tchotchke Item Sell Values
Old Shoe8
Ceramic Bowl645
Old Carpet1000
Old Coin Collection880
Old Painting780
Antique Bust550
Failed Experiment10
Fancy Vase410
Valuable Ring480
Valuable Necklace350
Vibrant Necklace1300
Mint Collectible Card2000
Miniature Diorama1490
Proof of Purchase: Cow375

There you have everything you need to know about Tchotchke in Spiritfarer. For more tips and tricks, check out more of our coverage below.

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