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Pokemon Crown Tundra Griseous Orb: How to Get Giratina Origin Form

pokemon sword and shield griseous orb giratina origin form

Pokemon Crown Tundra Griseous Orb: How to Get Giratina Origin Form

With the release of the Crown Tundra expansion for Pokemon Sword and Shield, there are a ton of old and new legendary Pokemon for players to catch. One of those is the dark and mysterious Giratina, which has its own Origin Form, changing the look and stats of the legendary Pokemon in the process. To get Giratina’s Origin Form, however, you’ll need the Griseous Orb. In this guide, we’ll be running you through how to get the Griseous Orb in Pokemon Crown Tundra so you can get Giratina’s Origin Form.

It’s worth pointing out that you will not be able to get the Griseous Orb in Pokemon Crown Tundra until you’ve caught Giratina itself.

Giratina can be caught via a Dynamax Adventure. These require players to beat three dynamaxed Pokemon with the help of up to three friends or AI players. After being the first three Pokemon, players will take on a Dynamaxed Legendary Pokemon, and there’s a chance that Giratina could be who you face off against.

To catch Giratina, simply reduce its health down to nothing in the Dynamax Adventure and then throw a Poke Ball to catch it. Once you’ve got Giratina caught, add it to your party and get ready for the next steps.

How to Get Griseous Orb in Pokemon Crown Tundra

First things first, head to Stow-on-Side. It can be found on the upper left-hand side of the original Galar region map.

Once you’re here, head left from the Pokemon Center and speak to the first NPC stood behind the goods on sale.

giratina origin form, crown tundra, pokemon sword and shield

As long as you’ve caught Giratina in Pokemon Crown Tundra, the NPC will explain that he’s found some mysterious items and have no idea how they work, so he gives them to you to figure out. The Griseous Orb is one of these that he’ll hand over.

pokemon crown tundra griseous orb

Once you’ve got the Griseous Orb, you can then open your Party and select Giratina. Choose the ‘Held Item’ option and then select the Griseous Orb from your inventory.

You’ll now see a little animation take place on your party screen as the legendary turns into Giratina’s Origin Form. In Origin Form, Giratina’s Dragon and Ghost-type moves are boosted. It also looks cooler!

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Griseous Orb in Pokemon Crown Tundra, and how to get Giratina’s Origin Form. For more tips and tricks, check out our wiki or have a flick through more of our coverage below.

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