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Crash 4: How Long It Takes to Beat

how long crash bandicoot 4 takes to beat

Crash 4: How Long It Takes to Beat

The bandicoot has returned, baby! Crash 4: It’s About Time has arrived on PS4 and Xbox One, giving players the chance to spin attack, double jump, and even mess with the fabric of time to help Crash stop Cortex and Co. from getting up to no good… as always. With the game being the longest in the series with a massive 43 levels (plus bonuses), some players may find themselves wondering just how long Crash Bandicoot 4 takes to beat?

How Long Crash 4 Takes to Beat

Crash Bandicoot 4 will take about 6 to 8 hours to complete depending on your skill level with platformers.

The main story comprises of 43 levels. Completing each of these will see you roll the credits on the game, but if you’re looking to 100% Crash Bandicoot 4, you’ll need to play through them all over again.

That’s because the game has N. Verted mode which is essentially the game’s mirror mode. Everything will be flipped horizontally in-game and the visuals will have a trippy new color scheme. You’ll have another bunch of crystals to obtain in these levels, too. Not to mention there’s also the Time Trial mode to take on as well.

Then you’ve got the 21 Flashback Tapes that need to be found and completed to get the Platinum Relic. These are particularly tricky challenge levels, so be prepared.

All Levels

We’ve listed all of the main levels you’ll need to beat in Crash 4 to complete the game below. Remember, there are an additional 21 Flashback Tape levels you’ll also need to complete not listed here if you’re going for the Platinum trophy or 1000 Gamerscore.

  1. Rude Awakening
  2. N. Sanity Peak
  3. A Real Grind
  4. Crash Compactor
  5. Hit the Road
  6. Truck Stopped
  7. Stage Dive (Boss Level)
  8. Booty Calls
  9. Thar He Blows!
  10. Hook, Line, And Sinker
  11. Jetboard Jetty
  12. Give It a Spin
  13. Potion Commotion
  14. Draggin’ On
  15. Off-Balance
  16. Trouble Brewing (Boss Level)
  17. Off Beat
  18. Home Cookin
  19. Run It Bayou
  20. No Dillo Dallying
  21. Snow Way Out
  22. Ship Happens
  23. Stay Frosty
  24. Bears Repeating
  25. Building Bridges
  26. 4th Time’s A Charm (Boss Level)
  27. Blast to the Past
  28. Fossil Fueled
  29. Dino Dash
  30. Rock Blocked
  31. Out for Launch
  32. Shipping Error
  33. Stowing Away
  34. Crash Landed
  35. A Hole in Space (Boss Level)
  36. Food Run
  37. Rush Hour
  38. The Crate Escape
  39. Nitro Processing
  40. Toxic Tunnels
  41. Cortex Castle
  42. Seeing Double
  43. The Past Unmasked (Boss Level)

That’s everything you need to know on how long Crash 4 takes to beat. For more tips, tricks, and guides, search for Twinfinite or check out more of our coverage on the game below.

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