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Genshin Impact: Luhua Pool Puzzle Guide

luhua pool puzzle guide genshin impact

Genshin Impact: Luhua Pool Puzzle Guide

Genshin Impact is a brand-new free-to-play open-world action-RPG that’s out now on PC, mobile, and PS4. The game has tons of quests to complete and little puzzles to solve here and there. If you’re needing help on this particular quest, here’s how to solve the Luhua Pool puzzle in Genshin Impact so that you can keep going forward on your path.

Luhua Pool Puzzle Guide in Genshin Impact

While playing Genshin Impact, you can eventually end up in a Luhua Landscape area named Luhua Pool, in which you will start a quest titled Unravel the Secret behind Luhua Pool.

Here’s the quest description: “Vermeer, an artisit who is looking for inspirational material near Luhua Pool, seems to have hit a snag, and is looking for help…”

Head to the yellow circle on your map, which is the Quest area where you’ll find two huge statues standing close to each other that are holding some sort of weapon.

Climb up the statue on the left side an move up all the way near the face. Make sure not to let your stamina run out or else you’ll fall off.

Once you investigate the face, you can insert one of the Strange Stone quest items that are in your inventory.

Now, make your way to the other statue’s face and then insert the other stone. You won’t be able to insert it if enemies are attacking you so make sure to take care of them if they notice you walking around the area. If you snipe them with arrows or other long-distance attacks from the top of the tower, they should be easy to take down.

And once you finish that up, you will be rewarded with a short dialogue sequence and the quest will be completed.

Hopefully this helped you all figure out how to solve the Luhua Pool Puzzle in Genshin Impact. If you’re on the hunt for even more tips and tricks, be sure to look into our growing guide wiki for the game.

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