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Best Netflix Horror Movies To Watch for a Memorable Halloween


Best Netflix Horror Movies To Watch for a Memorable Halloween

Halloween may not have the same spooky shenanigans and hijinks as it has in previous thanks to COVID-19. However, you can still make the night more memorable by experience by watching a handful of horror movies brought to you by Netflix.

Here are some movies we hand-picked for you to watch while you chow down on a bucket full of Halloween candy.


ParaNorman, a touchstone stop-motion film from Laika (of Coraline fame) surrounds an 11-year-old medium who has the ability to talk to ghosts and gets ridiculed for it in school and at home, although Norman’s mother is more supportive of his gift than his father is.

Unbeknownst to them, Norman is tasked with ending a 300-year-old witch’s curse placed on his small town of Blithe Hollow, Massachusetts when an army of zombies rise from their grave on the anniversary of the witch’s execution.

The script for ParaNorman was written with a dash of charm and a touch of whimsy so as to make viewers reflect on things that happened during their childhood that made them different from others, and it gives children something to relate to as adults around them may not believe everything they see.

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