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Spelunky 2: How to Get Kapala & What it Does

Spelunky 2, How to Get Kapala and What it Does

Spelunky 2: How to Get Kapala & What it Does

Spelunky 2 is lush with items for you to buy or discover, and few are more valuable than the skull chalice known as the Kapala. If you’re not a veteran of the series though, you may be at a loss as to how you can unlock this legendary item. That’s why we’re here to help with a guide on how to get the Kapala and what it does in Spelunky 2.

How to Get the Kapala and What it Does in Spelunky 2

To start, you can only get the Kapala in Spelunky 2 by making a large number of sacrifices at Kali’s Sacrificial Altars.

This means bringing around half a dozen living sacrifices or over a dozen dead sacrifices to the Altars as you make your way through the game. What your sacrificing can also lead to a higher or lower count toward earning the Kapala: Sacrificing a live Pet will net you tons of points, while sacrificing the corpse of a Mole will net you very little.

More on that, and how to use Sacrificial Altars, can be found in our guide on the special shrines here.

Regardless, just keep at it and eventually the Kapala will appear on the Altar where your sacrifice once laid. All you need to do then is walk over it, and it’ll be added into your inventory.

How to Collect Blood With the Kapala

As for what the Kapala does in Spelunky 2, it’s pretty extraordinary in terms of item effects.

Every time you kill an enemy, you’ll have the chance to gather the blood droplets that burst out of them. This will count toward filling a skull chalice up near your health, and when it overflows you’ll gain a point to your overall health count.

This can be repeated as many times as you can pull it off, allowing you to reach health levels otherwise impossible through normal means.

Hopefully this cleared up how to get the Kapala and What it does in Spelunky 2. For more on the game, check out our guides on other topics like how to change your pet and how to get an Axolotl mount.

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