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Hades: Best Mirror of Night Upgrades

hades, mirror of night upgrades

Hades: Best Mirror of Night Upgrades

While you’re able to give yourself a better chance to escape the dangers of the Underworld in Hades in a variety of ways, it’s the little boosts that the Mirror of Night offers that will help you progress and finally beat the game. So that you don’t waste any Darkness you collect, here’s everything you need to know about what the best Mirror of Night upgrades are in Hades.

The Mirror of Night upgrades are offered by Nyx and can be found in your bedroom area, before you find Skelly and select your weapon. The upgrades are bought with Darkness, which you collect during escape attempts, and you unlock more options using the same Keys you unlock weapons with.

Best Mirror of Night Upgrades in Hades

Below, we’ve detailed what we think are the best Mirror of Night upgrades are. If you’re more inclined to use the Cast ability, the ones below might not be your first options, but they’ll all be useful.

Also, not all of them will be available from the start. If you can’t see them in your own mirror, use the option to unlock more, and you might see them.

Dark Regeneration – Restore some of your health when you collect darkness. 30% of the collected amount per rank.

Death Defiance – Restore 50% health instead of dying when you Life Total is depleted. One time per rank, maximum of three times.

Greater Reflex – Perform one additional dash in quick succession.

Thick Skin – Raise your life total +5 per rank.

Dark Foresight – Raise your chance for rewards, including Boons, Weapon Enhancements, Charon’s Obal, and Boon Upgrades.

Golden Touch – Gain wealth when you clear an underworld region, +5% of you current amount per rank.

If you have any others that you’d recommend, shout them out in the comments down below.

That’s it for the best Mirror of Night upgrades in Hades. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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