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Hades: Best Boons to Use

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Hades: Best Boons to Use

Boons are the backbone of success in Hades. Creating a build that’s powerful and fits your way of playing is vital to getting out of the Underworld in one piece. Some are generally more useful that others though. Here are our pick for the best Boons in Hades.

Best Boons to Use in Hades

There’s a long list of Boons to pick from, but below are our favorites.

Poseidon – Tidal Dash

My personal favorite, Poseidon’s Tidal Dash, inflicts a wave of damage on enemies nearby when you dash and it’s nigh on unstoppable when upgraded to level five upwards.

When combined with Hermes’ Triple Dash Boon, which we’ll get to below, and a Boon that upgrades your Special damage, you can switch from side to side of an enemy, casing damage as you pass them.

Hermes – Side Hustle

Side Hustle allows you to earn upgrades and Boons from Charon quickly by giving you extra coins for every chamber you enter.

Athena – Divine Flourish/Divine Strike

Athena is one of the best gods in Hades as her Boons can deflect, which is hugely helpful in certain boss fights, provided you can get the timing right.

Her basic Boons, Divine Flourish and Divine Strike, up the damage of your attack and special respectively, and let you deflect.

Dionysus – Positive Outlook

If you’re looking to take a run as far as you can to earn extra, Positive Outlook can help you stay alive for longer and add some extra chambers onto a run.

It reduces damage taken when your health is below 40%.

Athena – Divine Dash

Similar to her basic attack and special Boons, Athena’s Divine Dash causes damage near to you and deflects incoming projectiles, which can be particularly useful in fight like the Hades boss fight.

Hermes – Greatest Reflex

If you’re a fan of utilizing a dash damage Boon, Greatest Reflex will help as it adds one more dash onto how many you can do in a row.

Poseidon – Tempest Flourish

Poseidon is my personal favorite god in Hades. Tempest Flourish increases the damage your special does and knocks enemies back to ensure there’s space between them and you.

Poseidon – Typhoon’s Fury

This Boon is hugely useful when combined with Poseidon’s basic options. Your attacks will be more powerful and then will cause additional damage when knocked back.

Then, it’s good to combine those with the following Boons. Any combination of them can be devastating. Razor Shoals (Using knock-away effects also Rupture foes), Breaking Wave (Slamming foes into walls or corners creates a watery blast in the area), Wave Pounding (Your boons with Knock-Away effects deal bonus damage to bosses) are the ones to use.

Zeus – Thunder Flourish/Lightning Strike

Zeus’ basic Boons are great too, causing Lightning damage to any nearby foes when you damage an enemy.

Ares – Blade Dash

Much like Poseidon’s Tidal Dash, Blade Dash damages enemies near you when you dash and can be combined well with other Boons.

Ares – Engulfing Vortex

Engulfing Vortex improves you Blade Dash by pulling enemies into it to cause more damage.

Ares – Battle Rage

This Boon is one of the best. After you defeat and enemy, the next attack or special you do will cause more damage. It’s not the most useful in boss encounters, but allows you to blast through standard rooms really quickly.

Artemis – Support Fire

If you’re focused on attack, rather than special or cash, Support Fire lets you do additional damage by firing a 10-16 damage arrow at an enemy when you land an attack.

If you’ve upgraded your attack to be more frequent, you’ll be firing arrows out everywhere.

If you’ve got any Boons that you’d recommend Hades players try out, shout them out in the comments down below.

That’s everything you need to know about what the best Boons in Hades are. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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