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5 “So Bad They’re Good” Anime You Should Watch


5 “So Bad They’re Good” Anime You Should Watch

Mars of Destruction

Mars of Destruction is a horror anime that follows an all-female agency – specializing in swordplay, firearms, and intelligence – known as AAST. These agents are tasked with hunting creatures from mars, the Ancients, and stopping them from killing all of humanity.

While AAST may be skilled, the key to defeating the ancients is a mild-mannered high school boy wielding a mysterious MARS power suit.

If that description wasn’t enough to make you question the show, the logic behind one of its senes will make your head spin. After one character gets decapitated – shown off via a comically bad blood spurt – they take her to a hospital to see if she is ok…while her entire head is gone.

Couple the bad writing and artwork with even worse voice acting, and you’ve got the makings of a terrible anime. If nothing else, you should watch Mars of Destruction to form a baseline of how you should judge anime from this point on. 

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