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Windbound: How to Build a Boat (Canoe)

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Windbound: How to Build a Boat (Canoe)

At first glance, Windbound looks like a cross between Legend of Zelda and Moana, as players explore an open world, sailing from island to island to unlock secrets. Your canoe is going to be your most important tool for accomplishing your explorations, so you’ll want to know how to build one as soon as possible. Here is everything you need to know about how to build a boat in Windbound.

Regardless of which playstyle you’ve chosen, it’ll only be a few minutes before you likely build your first boat. Just look for a small alter that has steps leading up to a conch shell-shaped opening.

Interact with the pedestal and you’ll receive a special Oar.

How to Build a Boat (Canoe) in Windbound

After you receive the Oar from the second Island, press R1 to bring up the Inventory and Crafting menu then use R2 to select the Boat Parts page. Select a Canoe or Deck and craft it in the water with X.

To build your first canoe, you’ll need to collect thick grass and grass rope. Thick grass is the yellow grass that sticks up out of the ground vertically and kind of looks like wheat. Collect it by holding triangle.

Grass rope can be crafted from your survival tab. Press R1 to bring up crafting again and cycle over to the page with the d-pad. You’ll need two long grass to make the grass rope.

Hold X to craft while hovering over the item in the menu. Keep in mind, you need to be in the water to launch your boat.

Once you’ve crafted a canoe, you can make additional parts by collecting the materials in the Boat Parts page. These include sails, baskets, and other items that can transform your lowly canoe into a monstrous skiff.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

How to Build a Boat (Canoe) in Windbound:

  1. Find the Oar located near the spawn island and pick it up.

  2. Collect thick grass and craft grass rope with it.

  3. Combine grass rope and thick grass in the crafting menu (R1) in the water to make a boat.

That is everything you need to know about how to build a boat in Windbound. If you’re still searching for more help crafting and surviving, be sure to check out the rest of Twinfinite for more guides.

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