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The Firewatch Movie Finds New Production Company

firewatch movie

The Firewatch Movie Finds New Production Company

Campo Santo has found a new production company that will be teaming up with the indie developer to put out a feature film adaptation of Firewatch, according to a story from THR.

Keith Calder and Jess Wu Calder will produce for Snoot Entertainment (Blindspotting, Blair Witch) while Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin will produce for Campo Santo.

In a statement to THR, Calder praised Firewatch, calling it a “stunning accomplishment” and a “beautiful, heartbreaking piece of art.” Jess goes further and makes a joke about the upcoming adaptation: “I’m delighted that Sean and Jake are letting us ruin their perfect video game by turning it into a movie and/or TV show.

Firewatch is an exceptional little adventure title that released in 2016. It’s set in 1989 in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest.

You play as a man named Henry, who finds himself becoming a volunteer fire lookout to relax and get away from his troubled life at home.

Connected only via walkie-talkie, Henry begins to form an emotional and somewhat romantic relationship with his supervisor Delilah. The player is forced to choose dialog options during conversations between the two of them, and during Henry’s time in the forest, he discovers some secrets that were better left hidden.

A film adaptation for Firewatch was initially announced way back in 2016 with a studio called Good Universe, but it seems like that studio is no longer involved with the project, most likely due to Valve purchasing Campo Santo in 2018.

No release window has been given just yet for the Firewatch movie but once it happens, we’ll make sure to have that coverage here on the site.

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