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Golf Story Follow Up, Sports Story, Delayed

sports story

Golf Story Follow Up, Sports Story, Delayed

Sidebar Games has revealed that Sports Story, the follow up to the hit indie game Golf Story, has been delayed.

The game was originally revealed during a Nintendo Indie World Showcase in December of 2019 and was scheduled for release sometime in “mid-2020” but the release has now been pushed back by an undisclosed amount.

Sidebar Games revealed the news in a tweet thread, attributing the delay to the team wanting to “ensure that everything makes it into the game.” Their full statement is:

“Sports Story update: We must sadly announce a delay. We want to take some more time to work on Sports Story and ensure that everything makes it into the game.

The game has become rather ambitious and we are excited about how it could turn out. But the price is currently being paid as we try to make our plans into reality. We are eager to reveal the results of these past 2 years so please look forward to future updates.”

The team also released a cute video of some characters chatting in game about the delay and what it means for the rest of 2020. It’s called the Sports Story Delay Trailer and you can check it out below.

That also means we’re unlikely to see anything from Sports Story during the Indie World Showcase that was announced today. At midday ET tomorrow, Aug. 18, Nintendo will release a 20 minute update on upcoming indie titles for Nintendo Switch. Hopefully we’ll hear more from the Sports Story team in a later Nintendo Direct event.

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