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New Fall Guys Update Brings Scout Skin to PS4 & Reduces Frequency of Team Games

fall guys update

New Fall Guys Update Brings Scout Skin to PS4 & Reduces Frequency of Team Games

Mediatonic has revealed that a sneaky new update has been released for Fall Guys, reducing the timer on team games to one and a half minutes and bringing any Valve skins to PS4’s store.

You won’t need to download anything for the update, with the changes happening automatically in-game, but you should notice them now if you jump into a show.

The full list of changes is below:

  • Any Valve costumes, including the Team Fortress 2 Scout Skin, will be available in the PS4 version of the game.
  • The max player count of the Fall Mountain final is now 15, making sure it is not too overcrowded.
  • The timer on Team Tail Tag and the Fall Guys Royal Fumble final round has been reduced from two minutes to 90 seconds.
  • You will never see back to back team games from this point on, due to player feedback on them being less enjoyable than solo rounds.

The Fall Guys Twitter account also confirmed that they’re always looking for player feedback, saying: ” The replies probably already show – but a lot of these changes are based directly on your feedback! Fall Guys is always *eyes emoji*”

Therefore, keep shouting out the improvements of changes you’d like to see in Fall Guys – politely of course – as you may see them made in-game somewhere down the line.

Fall Guys is still free with PlayStation Plus, until the first week of September.

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