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Minecraft Dungeons Max Level Cap & Power Cap Guide

Minecraft Dungeons max level

Minecraft Dungeons Max Level Cap & Power Cap Guide

Minecraft Dungeons is the new spin-off title based in the blocky world of the creative sandbox game players have come to know and love. Rather than building, players this time are dungeon crawling, killing mobs and leveling up their character, and picking up gear to make them even stronger. Of course, after all that grinding it comes to a point where you begin asking just what the max level in Minecraft Dungeons is. Well, we’re here to clear up some of the confusion.

What the Max Level Cap Is in Minecraft Dungeons

Update 08/20/20: Following the release of the Jungle Awakens DLC, the max power cap in Minecraft Dungeons is now 115. Keep in mind this is different to the max level cap, which does not appear to exist.

Updated 06/15/20: Another update, as the community has continued to push their character levels even higher than our last update. It now appears as though there is no max level cap in Minecraft Dungeons, and players are free to grind out their character level as high as they want.

Keep in mind that the power level cap of 108, however, still remains in place.

Updated 06/04/20: Cutting right to the chase, from what we can gather it appears as though Minecraft Dungeons’ max level cap is 110. This was confirmed by Reddit user Versaillez, whose character now boasts a level of 110 and a power level of 108.

Original: This can be worked out from two things. The first is that the achievement ‘Expert Explorer’ for Minecraft Dungeons is rewarded for reaching level 50. This is the highest level-related achievement in the game. Due to this, we know the max level in Minecraft Dungeons is at least 50.

However, we also know that the maximum amount of enchantment points that can be earned in a single playthrough is 54. As you start out at level 1 and only earn an enchantment point at level 2, 54 enchantment points would take us to level 55.

We’re still grinding our way through Minecraft Dungeons’ various difficulty levels, so as soon as we can confirm our suspicions on the max level being 55, we’ll update this post and let you know.

It’s worth noting, however, that whatever the max level cap turns out to currently be in Minecraft Dungeons, its likely to change in the future. The game currently has a placeholder on its world map for new content coming soon. We’d suspect that alongside new powerful gear and enemies to face off against, Minecraft Dungeons’ max level cap will also be increased.

How to Level Up Fast

In order to reach the level cap as quickly as you can, you’ll want to do the following things as much as you can:

  • Kill Enemies – Every enemy you defeat in Minecraft Dungeons rewards you with a bit of XP to level up your character.
  • Beat Mobs – Every once in a while, the path to your objective will be blocked off and you’ll be forced to fight a mob of enemies. Defeat them all to earn a good chunk of XP.
  • Completing Objectives – Completing each mission’s objectives will net you more XP, though this isn’t as obvious to spot as it usually gets bundled in with any you get for defeating the mobs of enemies or bosses.
  • Defeating Boss Battles – The best way to level up quickly in Minecraft Dungeons is to grind out the various boss battles in the game. These offer the most XP and taking them on on the higher difficulty settings will net you even more XP and better gear as your rewards.
  • Complete the Optional Side Levels – While it’s easy enough to just make a beeline through the game’s main levels, be sure to also check out the unlockable and optional side levels in the game. These can grant you fresh content to grind out more experience, making it feel less like a chore.

There you have everything you need to know on Minecraft Dungeons’ max level cap. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out more of our coverage below or search for Twinfinite.

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