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Dead Cells 20th Free Update Adds New Level and Weapons

Dead Cells

Dead Cells 20th Free Update Adds New Level and Weapons

Dead Cells studios Evil Empire and Motion Twin released a new update adding new content for its roguelike action platformer today.

The free “Barrels o’ Fun” update adds the new biome Derelict Distillery, an industrial warehouse filled with explosive barrels, broken bottles, and steam venting pipes.

The new biome can be found as an alternative to High Peak Castle from the Collector area. There are also three new achievements attached to the Derelict Distillery.

The update adds a new weapon that also deals with barrels, the Barrel Launcher. The new weapon is a bazooka-style weapon that shoots bouncing, exploding barrels.

New enemies in the Derelict Distillery are able to pick up those barrels and throw them back, but the new Tesla Coil item can shock multiple enemies at a time at medium range.

The final addition in the update is a new soundtrack that takes the original soundtrack and turns it into eight-bit chiptunes. Players can switch between the original and new versions in the Sound menu. Check out the rest of changes in the patch notes.

The Barrels o’ Fun update is out now on Steam for PC, and is planned on coming to consoles later this summer. Dead Cells and its paid The Bad Seed downloadable content are currently on sale on Steam until Aug. 24.

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