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12 of the Coolest Halo Tattoos


12 of the Coolest Halo Tattoos

With more and more news of the upcoming standalone title in the series, Halo Infinite fans are searching for more creative ways to express their love for Halo. What better way to show off your favorite characters and elements of the games than to get an awesome tattoo?

From beautiful space settings bursting with galactic color to portraits that invoke some nostalgic emotions, tattoo artists have done it all.

We’ve gathered our favorite Halo tattoos for you to browse and gain inspiration from here. Have a look and give the amazing artists some love on their social media!

Master Chief

best halo tattoos, Coolest Halo Tattoos

This tattoo by artist Alex Rodway honors everyone’s favorite playable character, Master Chief. There is even an ode to Cortana behind the renowned helmet that fits into the design perfectly.

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