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Ooblets: All Ooblets in Early Access So Far

All ooblets list

Ooblets: All Ooblets in Early Access So Far

With the release of Ooblets Early Access on Steam and Epic Games Store, players can finally head to Badgetown, set up their farm, and begin growing produce and the adorable little creatures called Ooblets. While there’s potential for more Ooblets to come, here’s a list of all the Ooblets in early access so far.

All Ooblets You Can Get in Early Access (July 2020)

  1. Bittle
  2. Bristlebud
  3. Chickadingding
  4. Clickyclaws
  5. Clomper
  6. Derble
  7. Dooziedug
  8. Dumbirb
  9. Firmo
  10. Fleeble
  11. Fripp
  12. Glanter
  13. Gloopylonglegs
  14. Grebun
  15. Gubwee
  16. Gullysplot
  17. Gumple
  18. Kingwa
  19. Legsy
  20. Lumpstump
  21. Marshling
  22. Moogy
  23. Panstabear
  24. Petula
  25. Plob
  26. Radlad
  27. Shrumbo
  28. Sidekey
  29. Skuffalo
  30. Snurfler
  31. Tamlin
  32. Tud
  33. Unnyhunny
  34. Whirlitzer
  35. Wigglewip

This was the complete list of Ooblets available in the game at the time of writing (July 27, 2020). As and when more are added into the game with future updates and patches, we’ll update this list so you’ve always got a quick and easy way to check how many you’ve got left to grow.

Getting More Ooblets to Appear

While all of these may be in early access at the moment, it’s worth pointing out that you won’t just find all of these Ooblets wandering around Badgetown from the very beginning of the game.

Instead, you’ll need to go to the WishyWell right at the center of Badgetown and interact with it. As you increase your level in the game, you’ll unlock more options to spend your Wishies on.

Some of these will be called ‘Unlock More Ooblets’ and simply put, it’ll add a handful more to the list of available creatures you can catch. You’ll need to spend your hard-earned Wishies on all of these ‘Unlock More Ooblets’ options to gain access to the full roster.

Further, you’ll also need to make sure you’re traveling over to Mamoonia, which you’ll do as part of the ‘main story quest,’ as some only appear to show up here.

There you have all Ooblets you can get in early access so far. Check out more of our guides on the game below.

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