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Hearthstone’s Next Expansion, Scholomance Academy, is Revealed Alongside Two New Trailers

hearthstone Scholomance Academy

Hearthstone’s Next Expansion, Scholomance Academy, is Revealed Alongside Two New Trailers

Hearthstone’s next expansion will be Scholomance Academy and it will be coming sometime this August, Blizzard revealed today. Scholomance Academy touts 135 new cards “brimming with spellbinding synergies.” Check out the trailer below.

The trailer is extremely upbeat and is giving me some Saturday morning cartoon vibes for some reason. Am I the only one?

This news is a part of the Year of the Phoenix in Hearthstone that was discussed earlier in the year which is designed to shake things up for the popular digital card game in 2020.

Here are the new features that will be added in Scholomance Academy that Blizzard was able to share as of today:

Get the most out of our magical curriculum with Dual-Class cards—the ultimate double major! Dual-Class cards are usable by two classes, and are designed around mechanics and strategies that both classes share. Every Hearthstone class is paired with two others, for a total of 10 Dual-Class combinations and 40 dual-class cards!

Scholomance Academy introduces a new keyword: Spellburst, a one-time effect that triggers the next time you cast a spell.

Studies are new spells that allow you to Discover a card immediately and also reduce the mana cost of the next card you play of that type. At Scholomance Academy, dedicated study is rewarded with power!

With the 17.6 patch, all players can log in to receive two free copies of the Epic Neutral minion, Transfer Student!

If you want to follow along with the card reveal schedule for the 10 Dual-Class combinations, you can do so right here.

Finally, if you want a deeper live-action look at Hearthstone’s Scholomance Academy expansion, you can find that below.

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