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Grounded: Grub Locations

Grub locations

Grounded: Grub Locations

Grounded, the new game from Obsidian Entertainment puts your survival skills to the test. You’ll need to craft plenty of tools and armor to survive the treacherous back yard. Here are the best grub locations in Grounded.

What the Grub Locations Are in Grounded

Staying alive in Grounded can be a daunting task because you’ll need to balance your health, hunger, and thirst meters constantly. A great way to stay fed is with grub smoothies. Unfortunately, grubs can be tricky to find.

The best place to try and find grubs are by the large oak tree. You’ll be pointed in that direction after you fix the mysterious machine at the beginning of the game.

Once you’re sent to explore the large oak tree, you’ll need to build a shovel. This can be done by breaking open the acorns that have fallen at the base of the tree and gathering the broken shells.

This will allow you to build an acorn shovel, which is necessary to be able to actually get to the grubs. The shovel recipe is two sprigs, one woven fiber, and one acorn shell.

Now that you have the shovel, just look at the soil around the oak tree for a moving trail of dirt.

The grubs are burrowed beneath the dirt and are constantly on the move. You’ll need to pluck them up with your shovel.

Once you’ve picked them up with your shovel, they will be added to your inventory, and you will be able to craft a few new recipes. You can also bring them to an analyzer to unlock further recipes involving these critters.

Be careful because this area is filled with spiders, which are some of the hardest enemies in the game. Keep your head on a swivel and run from any spiders you might bump into.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about the grub locations in Grounded. For more tips, tricks, and guides be sure to stay connected with Twinfinite.

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