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Ghost of Tsushima: All Musician Locations

ghost of tsushima, mythic tales

Ghost of Tsushima: All Musician Locations

musician, ghost of Tsushima

Although Jin is a seasoned samurai warrior from the very start of the game, there are skills he’s yet to learn and special equipment for him to discover. Only by undertaking special Mythic Tales will he be able to track those done, though, and these are told by a specific type of NPC. Here’s a list of all musician locations in Ghost of Tsushima for the players that want to see Jin reach his full potential.

All Musician Locations in Ghost of Tsushima

Below we’ve listed each tale with a picture that shows the location of the musician quest giver.

Mythic Tale 1 – The Curse of Uchitsune

Likely one of the first Mythic Tales you come across, the musician who gives you this quest is located in the Hiyoshi Springs in Izuhara, on Tsushima’s southern island. Specifically, He can be found entertaining several onlookers from a stage. He should beckon you over when you get close.

This quest will give you the explosive arrows for the Long Bow, so make sure you have one first (read our guide).

The Heavenly Strike

musician, ghost of Tsushima

This Mythic Tale gives you an unblockable sword strike that’s particularly handy. You can find the musician sitting at a crossroads east of Komodo Townon a roadside, surrounded by dead bodies.

The Legend of Tadayori

If you like using the bow in Ghost of Tsushima this Mythic Tale is a must-do. Completing it rewards you with Tadayori’s armor, which buffs Jin’s archery skills and concentration time. The musician can be found in the camp in Rustling Bend, in east Azamo, near the river. 

The Unbreakable Gosaku

musician, ghost of Tsushima

Gosaku’s Armor buffs Jin’s ability to stagger enemies, so it’s a great choice if you play more aggressively as a samurai. The musician can be found musician in Akashima Village, in Toyotama. After he explains the story, you will need to locate six different keys. We have a full walkthrough here.

The Spirit of Yarikawa’s Vengeance

musician, ghost of Tsushima

This Mythic Tale rewards you with Jin’s most powerful sword move: The Dance of Death. You can find the musician at a crossroads south-east of the Ruins of Old Yarikawa.

The Six Blades of Kojiro

musician, ghost of Tsushima

The Kensei Armor will suit players who like to mix ghost and samurai tactics. You can find the musician at Umugi Cove toward the back of the large tavern building. After he tells his story you’ll then have to track down six swordsman before fighting Kojiro. The quest will indicate their locations clearly.

The Undying Flame

musician, ghost of Tsushima

A flaming sword to terrify Jin’s enemies, The Undying Flame is a mythic quest that will task you with climbing Tsushima’s highest peak. The musician can be found standing by a crossroads southwest of Mount Jogaku, north of the temple in the Jokagu province on Kamiagata. 

That should be everything you need to know about all the musician locations in Ghost of Tsushima. For more useful tips and guides on the game, Twinfinite has a detailed guide wiki.

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