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This Ghost of Tsushima Glitch Is the Video You Need to See Today


This Ghost of Tsushima Glitch Is the Video You Need to See Today

When you’re not literally slashing the limbs off of Mongols with your trusty blade, Ghost of Tsushima can be a pretty darn relaxing video game. You can follow birds and foxes to pray at a shrine high up on a mountain, you can chill out and play your flute, and you can even find some hot springs to take a bath and reflect on your day.

But something that might muck up your relaxing bath is a glitch, but hey, if it’s a funny glitch that you can share on the internet, then what’s the harm, right?

A Redditor named ttattoo uploaded this video to the Ghost of Tsushima subreddit this morning and has managed to gain quite the reaction from it. And if you watch the video, which we’ve embedded down below, you’ll see why it’s so hilarious.

This might just be one of the best glitches of all time. Who knew that Jin Sakai was such a flexible guy?

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Also, here’s another funny Ghost of Tsushima video of a player getting hit with a lot of arrows at once while they’re in the air:

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