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The Hardest Final Fantasy XI Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

final fantasy xi

The Hardest Final Fantasy XI Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

Final Fantasy XI is one of the oldest and longest-running MMORPGs in the world. While it never quite reached the popularity of World of Warcraft, it survived waves of newer MMORPGs and carved out a niche that would last nearly two decades now.

There’s a lot of just stuff to remember in Final Fantasy XI. Obscure monsters and areas, story characters, job abilities, and more.

Let’s get a sense of your Final Fantasy XI knowledge, shall we? We’re going to test what you remember from over 18 years of FFXI in the quiz below.

Give it your best shot we’ll “check” you and tell you what you “gauge” at the end. Good luck!

If you had fun with this one, be sure to check out our Quiz section for even more trivia and personality quizzes. For example, wondering what job you’d be in Final Fantasy XIV? Well, we have a quiz for that.

The Hardest Final Fantasy XI Trivia Quiz You’ll Ever Take

What year did Final Fantasy XI first launch?
What was the game's original level cap?
What was the first Chinese New Year animal that appeared after the NA launch of Final Fantasy XI?
What item do you need to freely enter the deeper areas of Ro'Maeve?
What item was NOT used in any sub job quest?
Which of these items does NOT drop from Fafnir?
Which of one of the below zones contains a functioning Strange Apparatus?
True or False: Purgonorgo Island is in the same zone as Bibiki Bay
Which pair of "Sky" NMs needed to be defeated in order to spawn Seiryu?
What mission needed to be completed in order to gain access to Al'Taieu?
Which Jailer, upon defeat, would spawn the infamous Absolute Virtue?
What is the name of Naja Salaheem's poor assistant?
Who is the court Puppetmaster of Aht Urhgan that created Aphmau's puppets Ovjang and Mnejing?
Which NM does not need to be defeated to spawn Pandemonium Warden?
What is the name of Lilisette's troupe leader in Wings of the Goddess?
What is the name of the song that plays during the final boss of Wings of the Goddess?
Which type of Geomancy spell requires the use of a Luopan?
What is the Runefencer's highest defensive combat skill?
Whom of the following is NOT a member of the Xol Triumvirate
Which Far East location does Iroha hail from?
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