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Diablo Immortal’s ChinaJoy 2020 Trailer Showcases Improved Character Models

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Diablo Immortal’s ChinaJoy 2020 Trailer Showcases Improved Character Models

Diablo Immortal got off to a rocky start when it was announced at BlizzCon 2018 — partly because most of the audience thought it was in place of a proper Diablo sequel, but mostly because of that now-infamous “don’t you guys have phones” quote.

In all honesty, though, from the latest trailer out of ChinaJoy 2020 earlier today, Diablo Immortal appears to be shaping up rather nicely. In particular, this latest footage gives us a look at some of the graphical improvements over the past eight or so months since the last western gameplay trailer.

There’s plenty of positives here, from the sharper character models to what genuinely does look like a quintessential Diablo experience tailor-made for the mobile platform.

While there’s absolutely no doubt that Blizzard butchered its big opportunity to get fans excited about the game two years ago, I think there’s every chance it can redeem itself — especially now that we know Diablo IV is on the way and looks absolutely brilliant.

Watch the new footage below and judge for yourself.

video credit: gnn.gamer

As for when Diablo Immortal is likely to be available, there’s no firm window.

However, in a recent investor call, Blizzard spoke of the game’s positive development progress and the developer’s intention to deliver an  “authentic and deep Diablo experience” on mobile. It was then that it also explained alpha testing would likely go ahead mid 2020, so we’re expecting an announcement fairly soon.

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