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Devolver Digital to Host its Annual Direct Next Week

devolver digital

Devolver Digital to Host its Annual Direct Next Week

COVID-19 stay-at-home measures have seen a number of publishers and industry organizations scramble to put on their own digital showcases in leu of any physical events this year. Devolver Digital, however, has been at it for some time, and this year it’s set to once again deliver another online showcase of its upcoming games.

You can expect a typically off-the-wall presentation if today’s goofy press release is anything to go by. We’re told that Devolver Digital aims to “raise the bar for overrated marketing videos with this year’s Devolver Direct on July 11 at 12:00 PM Pacific Time.”

You can check out the showcase over on Twitch.

As for the content on offer, Devolver alludes to new game reveals, gameplay reveals, release date announcements, and special guests from the industry. But then again it also alludes to continuing “the tradition of overpromises,” too, so who really knows!

Apparently there will be a few surprises along the way, and some game demos for people to check out, including Carrion, Disc Room, and an unannounced game.

If you’ve not tuned into a Devolver Digital showcase before then you better strap in. You should probably also check out last year’s so that you’re up to speed with the whimsical and rather bizarre narrative that the publisher likes to work into the events.

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