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Pokemon Isle of Armor: How to Become Friendly with Kubfu


Pokemon Isle of Armor: How to Become Friendly with Kubfu

Kubfu is the adorable legendary cub Pokemon that is given to you by Mustard early on in Sword and Shield’s Isle of Armor expansion pass. In order to progress with the expansion pass story and raise Kubfu, you must prove to Mustard that you are a good enough trainer to be able to form a bond with it. There are a few ways to go about doing that. Here’s how to become friendly with Kubfu in Pokemon Isle of Armor.

Friendship is a mechanic that has existed in Pokemon since the beginning of the series. There are many ways to increase friendship, such as using the Pokemon in battle, leveling it up, grooming it, etc.

How to Become Friendly with Kubfu in Pokemon Isle of Armor

Luckily, there is a much faster way to raise your friendship with Kubfu in order to advance the expansion pass story.

After receiving Kubfu in your party, Mustard will mark four locations on your map of the Wild Area and suggest that you take Kubfu to those spots to enjoy the scenery. Visiting these locations will increase your bond with Kubfu.

At each of these locations, you must talk to a dojo trainer to initiate a quick cutscene that will show you a nice view of the area. There aren’t many NPCs in the Wild Area, but you can be sure you’re talking to the right person because they are wearing the bright yellow dojo outfit.

The spots you can take Kubfu to, as marked with exclamation points, are shown on this map of the Isle of Armor:

isle of armor map

The names of the locations (from top to bottom) are Potbottom Desert, Challenge Road, Brawler’s Cave, and Loop Lagoon.

Visiting all four of these locations and speaking to the dojo trainers there will allow you to return to Mustard and progress with the plot; however, not all four are needed if you raise Kubfu’s friendship in other ways.

After visiting each spot, the game will give you a dialogue box to tell you if Kubfu is ready to return to Mustard or not.

If you are still looking for ways to increase Kubfu’s friendship even after doing the above, you can battle with it or use experience candies to raise it to level 70, which is the recommended level for progressing with the trials. Camping with Kubfu in your party is also a fast way to increase friendship.

That’s all you need to know about how to become friendly with Kubfu in Pokemon Isle of Armor. Be sure to check out our Pokemon Sword and Shield guide wiki for all of the latest tips and tricks for the Isle of Armor expansion pass.

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