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Minecraft: Where to Find Ruined Portals & What They Do


Minecraft: Where to Find Ruined Portals & What They Do

Ruined Portals are one of many new features added into Minecraft as part of the Nether Update (version 1.16). If you’re wondering where to find one and what they do, you’re in the right place, as this Minecraft Ruined Portals guide has everything you need to know.

What Are Ruined Portals?

As the name suggests, a Ruined Portal is a Nether Portal that has been broken or doesn’t work for one of a number of reasons. This could be as simple as it having a missing Obsidian block in the frame, or Crying Obsidian being used for the frame, which cannot be used to create a working Nether Portal.

minecraft ruined portals
A Ruined Portal in the Nether

The good news is Ruined Portals can be fixed, and even if you choose not to fix it, simply finding it can net you some rare items.

Next to every Ruined Portal, you’ll find a chest that contains gold tools, armor or items, as well as other rare materials and items. We’d also make sure you mine that Crying Obsidian in the Ruined Portal, too, so you can make Anchor Points!

Where to Find Ruined Portals in Minecraft

Ruined Portals can be found in both the Overworld and the Nether. In fact, there’s no specific place you should go to try and find one, you’ll likely just come across one as you’re exploring.

They can generate in all biomes and can even be underground and underwater.

How to Fix Ruined Portals

Ruined Portals can be fixed by removing any blocks that are not Obsidian from the frame, and replacing them with Obsidian.

Keep in mind that Crying Obsidian cannot be used at all in a Nether Portal frame.

Once you’ve replaced the Ruined Portal’s missing or non-Obsidian blocks, it should now be in working order ready to transport you elsewhere.

Where Do Fixed Ruined Portals Lead To?

A repaired Ruined Portal will simply act as any other Nether Portal in the game. It’ll take you to the Nether if you’re in the Overworld, and vice-versa.

That’s everything you need to know on Ruined Portals in Minecraft. For more tips and guides, check out more of our coverage below.

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