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Kingdom Come: Deliverance to Celebrate 3 Million Sales With Free Weekend

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Kingdom Come: Deliverance to Celebrate 3 Million Sales With Free Weekend

Developers Warhorse Studios announced earlier that their medieval RPG, Kingdom Come: Deliverance hit 3 million sales across all platforms (PS4, Xbox One and PC). Apparently though the party isn’t over and in fact, it’s going to carry onto this weekend as Warhorse has followed up that announcement with another: Kingdom Come: Deliverance will have a free Steam weekend in just a few days.

The free weekend is only for Steam, and it will run from June 18 through June 22. The free weekend is to celebrate the 3 million sales, and also widen the audience for their game further according to Warhorse. Maybe not a bad idea considering in addition to the 3 million sales, they have sold over 1.5 million pieces of their DLCs across all platforms as well.

Warhorse Studios began development on what would become Kingdom Come: Deliverance in 2013 shortly following the foundation of their studio in 2011. KCD would receive funding successfully through Kickstarter in 2014, and the game would release in 2018.

Our reviewer back in 2018, senior editor Alex Gibson, wasn’t enthralled with the game’s combat and had some other smaller issues with the game, but ultimately found Kingdom Come: Deliverance to be a memorable experience worth checking out.

Fortunately, if you’re on PC with Steam, that will be easy for you to do if you haven’t already this weekend.

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