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Free The Witcher 3 PC Copy Available For PS4 & Xbox One Players

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Free The Witcher 3 PC Copy Available For PS4 & Xbox One Players

Those who own The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on either PS4 or Xbox One won’t have to toss a single coin for a PC copy this week. That’s thanks to a new GOG deal being run by CD Projekt Red between today, June 16, and June 23 at 7 AM EST.

The deal only requires players to link an existing copy of The Witcher 3 on either PS4 or Xbox One to GOG’s new 2.0 App. Incidentally, this also works if you’re already on PC via Steam or The Epic Game Store and want a second copy.

Unfortunately, due to a lack of integration, those with Nintendo Switch can’t take advantage of the offer.

As for which version of the game you get, that all depends on what version you currently own. Only those who already have the Game of the Year Edition, for example, will be given access to that copy.

And for those two already own both a GOG copy of The Witcher 3 and a version from another platform, they can still get in on the deal and receive a code to pass on to somebody else.

In case you’re wondering, The GOG version of The Witcher 3 includes the soundtrack, a digital comic book, and instructions for paper toys designed by papercraft artist Tougui.

You can read more on the finer details in CDPR’s FAQ article.

In related news, a familiar face from The Witcher 3’s Hearts of Stone expansion has appeared in Gwent’s latest update.

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