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Minecraft Dungeons: How to Open the Map

how to open map minecraft dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons: How to Open the Map

With every level of Minecraft Dungeons being procedurally-generated and very maze-like, it can be easy to get lost or miss out on an opportunity to find even better loot. Fortunately, there’s a map that you can open, showing you the layout of the the level. Here’s how to open the map in Minecraft Dungeons.

Opening the Map in Minecraft Dungeons

Cutting right to the chase, opening the map in Minecraft Dungeons is done by pressing down on the d-pad.

This will cause a semi-transparent outline of the level’s various sections to appear. As we noted above, it can be particularly useful for finding paths that lead you to some better gear, but may not be taking you towards your main objective.

opening the map in minecraft dungeons

What makes the map even better is that you don’t need to worry about having to ‘unlock’ sections of it. You’ll be able to see chest and door locations as you get close to them, but otherwise what you see is what you get.

You can’t zoom in or out on the map, and you can’t move around and have a look at the entire level. Your controls and inputs will still move your character around, as bringing the map up doesn’t pause the game.

When you’re all done using the map, simply press down on the d-pad again and it’ll disappear, allowing you to focus back on the hack-and-slash action.

That’s everything you need to know on how to open the map in Minecraft Dungeons. Keep searching for Twinfinite for all of your video game guide needs, or check out more of our coverage on Minecraft Dungeons below.

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