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Trios Mode Returning to Warzone Just a Few Days After Being Replaced

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Trios Mode Returning to Warzone Just a Few Days After Being Replaced

The trios battle royale mode, which Warzone was launched with, has been brought back after it was replaced earlier in the week.

In another switch up of the free-to-play battle royale’s playlist, Infinity Ward added Scopes and Scatter Guns as the trios focused mode and it only allows you to pick up the game’s variety of shotguns and snipers. You’re also not able to call in loadout drops from Buy Stations, making sure players stick to the limited weapon set.

However, while it was nice to have something a bit different in Warzone, a lot of players were frustrated that is was added in place of standard trios, limiting the basic battle royale action to just solos and quads.

Teams of two are able to hold their own in trios, but it’s too difficult to compete in quads without a larger squad. Therefore, removing standard trios limited players without the right number of friends at all times from playing as they were before.

Due to fan outcry, standard trios is coming back to Warzone. Various Reddit threads and Twitter posts were made calling on Infinity War to bring it back and they released the following tweet.

Therefore, you will be able to jump into trios once more from 2am ET on Friday, April 17 (7am BST). It’s not 100% clear if trios will just be added, with nothing being removed, but that will likely be the case, allowing players to still test out Scopes and Scatter Guns if they want to.

The full list of modes will then be: Scopes and Scatter Guns Trios, BR Quads, BR Trios, Plunder Quads, and BR Solo. There is still no news on whether duos will come to Warzone at any time soon.

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