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Top 10 Best Final Fantasy VII Remake Bosses, Ranked

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Top 10 Best Final Fantasy VII Remake Bosses, Ranked

Final Fantasy VII Remake is great for so many reasons (with some room for improvement). The character and monster designs are detailed and creative, the combat is strategic and fast-paced, and each character within the game plays very differently.

What highlights these features the most is the boss fights in Final Fantasy VII Remake, which were one of the best parts of this new iteration.

Although the remake is just a small part of the original, it’s still filled to the brim with excellent boss fights.

But which boss fights are the best of the best? Well, we have just the list for you. These boss fights are ranked on creativity, how fun they were to fight, and originality.

Spoiler Warning: This article contains spoilers about the Final Fantasy VII Remake story. Although nothing about the plot will be spoken of, the boss fights can give some indication of where the story goes. Click away if you don’t want anything spoiled.

10. Scorpion Sentinel

Video via: Boss Fight Database

There honestly isn’t anything too remarkable about Scorpion Sentinel, but it is a fantastic introductory boss as to what to expect from Final Fantasy VII Remake.

The fight teaches you how to use the environment to your advantage, how Barret’s ranged attacks can be more useful than Cloud’s melee attacks, and how destroying body parts will help you gain an edge.

Putting this boss fight in the demo was a great idea, as it shows how suspenseful and strategic boss fights would be in the final product.

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