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Super Mario Maker 2: How to Play Super Worlds, Continue & Search Worlds

super world search, play, continue

Super Mario Maker 2: How to Play Super Worlds, Continue & Search Worlds

Super Mario Maker 2 finally, finally has the ability to create and play custom Mario games using the courses you’ve created through the new Super Worlds feature. In typical Nintendo fashion though, it’s not always intuitive to navigate the menus to search for the Super Worlds you want to play and continue your progress. We’re going to break down how you can do all of that in Super Mario Maker 2.

How to Search, Play & Continue Super Worlds in Super Mario Maker 2

Finding the Super World You Want to Play

Searching for Super Worlds is probably the worst thing about the feature; in fact it’s probably the only objectively bad thing about it. There’s no way to search and filter Super Worlds in Super Mario Maker 2 like you can courses. It’s… unfortunate.

The way you find worlds to play in Super Mario Maker 2 instead is to go to the Super World option on the bottom left hand corner of Course World. This will give you a random selection to peek and try out if it looks enticing. The numbers there show you how many worlds and courses there are in total. You can press X to refresh the list as many times as you want.

There is one more way that might be a bit better than just digging around randomly. If you go to a maker profile, it now highlights the Super World they chose to upload if they have done so. So if you have a favorite maker that you like to follow because you know they will put out quality stuff, you can peek at their profile and get access to their work from there.

In either event, simply selecting the Super World will allow you to jump and start exploring and playing their work. You have to play it like a normal Mario game, going from course to course, clearing the “final” course before moving to the next map.

You don’t have to play it all in one shot and you can easily re-access and continue any Super Worlds you’ve started.

How to Continue Your Progress

All you need to do to continue your progress in a Super World is to go to your maker profile. You can get there by pressing Y while in Course World. Then along the top bar, click the last option the Red Balloon, to see all the recent worlds that you have started up and you can jump right in where you left off or start a new game if you want.

That’s all you need to know about how to search, play and continue Super Worlds in Super Mario Maker 2. Best of luck enjoying the best the community has to offer!

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