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How to Remove Injured Status in Gears Tactics

gears tactics injured status

How to Remove Injured Status in Gears Tactics

One of the most frustrating status effects you can get on your characters in Gears Tactics is the Injured status. In this guide, we’ll talk you through what the Injured status in Gears Tactics means, and how to remove it so your units are at their healthiest.

Injured Status in Gears Tactics

The Injured status is caused when a unit is downed and then picked back up or revived in one way or another. When the unit gets back up, you’ll notice that a chunk of their health bar has a red X through it.

For example, in the image below, both of our bottom two characters, Gabe and Sid, have the Injured status, limiting their max health to half.

Injured Status in Gears Tactics
The Injured Status in Gears Tactics

Unfortunately, even if you use Stim Grenades or a healing ability on the unit with the Injured status, you won’t be able to remove the effect. You’ll only be able to heal that unit back up to however many bars of health they don’t have X’d out.

Every time a unit is downed, it’ll get another block of its health crossed out. The Injured status doesn’t do anything else, other than making healing your units back up to full health impossible.

Removing Injured Status from Units

Unfortunately, from our time in Gears Tactics, there’s no way you can removed the Injured status from a unit yourself.

Instead, it appears to be time-sensitive, only lifting once you’ve completed a mission and advanced in the campaign.

Injured in Gears Tactics

When you next go back to your Barracks to select that unit, you should see that it no longer has the ‘Injured’ status and is back to full health.

The Injured status makes it important to have a healthy and powerful selection of Recruits to use for side missions in case some of your top choices are injured and could do with a rest.

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