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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Get All Limit Breaks

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake: How to Get All Limit Breaks

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a full, from the ground up remake of the original 1997 PS1 classic title. Most of the story beats remain the same, and players will get to revisit the dystopian city of Midgar and familiar faces like Cloud, Barret, and Tifa in glorious 4K. It’s quite pretty. Here’s how to unlock all Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Unlocking all Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Just like in the original game, all characters start out with their level 1 Limit Break abilities at the very start. As you progress, you’ll get to unlock even more powerful ones. Things work a little differently in this game, though, as you’ll need to jump through just a couple of hoops to get the level 2 abilities for each character.

You can start unlocking them as soon as you gain access to the Corneo Colosseum in chapter 14. After progressing through the main story and defeating Hell House, you’ll be able to return to the Colosseum anytime to start unlocking those abilities.

We definitely recommend getting Aerith and Cloud’s abilities right after the Hell House fight, as the story progression will prevent you from returning there for a while.

After you’ve regained control of your full party, you can then bring Barret and Tifa back to the Colosseum as well to unlock their abilities.

Here’s how to get all Limit Breaks:

  • Ascension (Cloud): Complete Cloud vs. Wild Animals at the Colosseum.
  • Catastrophe (Barret): Complete Barret vs. Wild Animals at the Colosseum.
  • Dolphin Flurry (Tifa): Complete Tifa vs. Wild Animals at the Colosseum.
  • Planet’s Protection (Aerith): Complete Aerith vs. Wild Animals at the Colosseum.

These battle challenges are pretty manageable, but just remember to put a Healing Materia on your characters before starting so they can heal themselves up if necessary. These level 2 abilities will deal both regular and Stagger damage, making them way more useful than the level 1 ones.

There’s one more Limit Break ability available in the game, called Refocus, which gives you an additional ATB gauge and charges your ATB faster. This is obtained by equipping the Refocus Materia on your character, and will become available to you once Aerith joins your party.

How to Change

To change the set Limit Break ability for a character, bring up the menu and choose the Battle Settings option. Then, choose a character and choose the Limit Break option, and set the ability from there.

That’s all you need to know about how to get all Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Be sure to search for Twinfinite or check our guide wiki for more tips and information on the game.

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