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Dying Light’s Harran Egg Hunt Returns With Special Egg Grenades

Dying Light

Dying Light’s Harran Egg Hunt Returns With Special Egg Grenades

The Easter event for Techland Games’ Dying Light returns this year with a full weekend of egg collecting, special weapons, and cosmetic rewards.

The Harran Egg Hunt tasks players with exploring the zombie apocalypse to collect special Easter eggs, which can be found in regular loot containers or by killing smaller zombies that are thematically dressed in white.

These Easter eggs though are actually special grenades with elemental properties. They come in four different types and can poison, freeze, knock out, or set enemies on fire.

The event features a community goal that rewards all players with three gold weapon dockets when the goal has been reached. Players can also earn two more rewards, a gold weapon and the Cock-A-Doodle-Do Outfit, by completing personal bounties.

The Harran Egg Hunt begins today and ends on Monday, April 13 at 1 p.m. ET. Players can also opt-out of the event though a setting in the Options menu.

Techland Games is currently developing Dying Light 2, which was scheduled to release this spring but was delayed indefinitely last January. The studio said it would “need more development time to fulfill our vision” and did not announce a new launch window for the sequel.

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