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Animal Crossing Time Traveling: Cheating or Not? Share Your Thoughts and Vote

animal crossing new horizons time traveling, cheating or not

Animal Crossing Time Traveling: Cheating or Not? Share Your Thoughts and Vote

The Animal Crossing franchise is known for letting players take things day by day at a slower pace compared to other video games. The series is meant to be a chill and relaxing experience that doesn’t require you to play for hours on end to get something accomplished.

In New Horizons though, things can take quite some time before you get access to game-changing features like terraforming and creating pavements, which has led a lot of folks to “time travel” so that they can get everything they want without having to wait for that in-game clock to pass.

Some people in the Animal Crossing community view this method to be exploitative and some may even go as far as to call it cheating and unfair to other players.

Animal Crossing is a mostly single-player experience that’s all about customizing your island how you see fit so should it matter if other people are experiencing New Horizons in a different, more fast-paced manner?

That is where you all come in! We want to hear your thoughts and opinions on this debate. Do you think that people who are time-traveling are cheaters? Do you think it’s all fine as long as they aren’t posting about it online for all to see? Or, does it not bother you how other people choose to play their game?

We want to hear what you have to say so we’ve created a survey down below for all of you to fill out (click here if you happen to be on mobile).

We will give you all a couple of days to fill out the Animal Crossing poll down below and then we’ll follow up in a couple of days with the results alongside some thoughtful comments that have been left here and on Twinfinite’s social media accounts, such as our Twitter and Facebook.

If you want to be featured in our follow up article, make sure to express your opinion to the best of your ability!

Also, you will need to log in with a Gmail account to complete the survey just so we can limit votes to one per account and avoid spam.

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