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Pokemon GO System to Temporarily Let You Raid From Home Revealed

Pokemon GO raid from home

Pokemon GO System to Temporarily Let You Raid From Home Revealed

Earlier this week, Niantic released a statement detailing their plans to make their games playable from home. This includes the ability to let you take part in Pokemon GO raids from the comfort of your own home.

Among these promised changes included a way to allow players to join in on raid battles from the safety of their own homes. Just today, the first step in that change seems to be taking place.

It was announced earlier today that the distance you need to be away from a gym in order to interact with it is going to be doubled. This is sure to help many players reach gyms that were previously too far away to be accessed from their homes.

However, this obviously doesn’t do much for players who aren’t within a few blocks of a gym. We’ll have to keep our ear to the ground about any rumblings of a more extensive raid from home system coming in the near future.

For now, it looks like you at least won’t need to walk as far to reach gyms if you don’t have any nearby. Besides raids, this means you can also spin the gym’s photo disc, battle the gym or defend the gym from further away.

Obviously, this will only be a temporary change. And Niantic has understandably not given a timeline on when any of these changes will return to normal.

They also noted that these changes will only apply to the gyms in Pokemon GO. Pokestops that are out of reach at the standard distance will remain that way.

You can read the official release here. With so many changes coming to Pokemon GO every week now it can be hard to keep track of everything. Luckily there’s a source on Pokemon GO Live that’s keeping track of all of them.

If you’re looking forward to the Pokemon GO Landorus raid from your home, then this is great news. If that’s you, then make sure to keep an eye on Twinfinite for our Landorus Raid Guide.

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